Lennox Head   

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Dogly now provides weekly socialisation classes for puppies

under 4 months old in compliance the the latest health and safety procedures.

Having your puppy socialised with other puppies is crucial to their behavioural development within the first 4 month of age. However, a puppy's immunity will still be vulnerable until their final vaccination (around 17 weeks) so under normal circumstances we would be cautious before taking them to a public place (most vets would recommend you keep them at home). Please keep in mind that the area where we will be conducting these socialisation classes is on an outside fully enclosed basketball court. The only dogs that have been on this court are from my classes which permit only fully vaccinated dogs. So the chances of the spread of disease are minimal. However, if you would like to come, I recommend you bring bacterial wipes to clean their paws and coat when we have finished. Adhering to current restrictions, owners will not be able to participate in training and this service is considered a drop off class only. 

  • food treats and water provided for puppies 

  • light training included

  • bacterial wipe down after class is recommended

  • please carry your puppy to class

  • please maintain current social distancing when coming to and from class

  • A video capturing all the cute moments will be provided

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What to Bring:

  • your dog

  • flat collar or harness and lead

  • your own treats if you do not wish your puppy to eat Frankfurt meat

  • Bacterial wipes


Holy Family Catholic Primary School

40 Isabella Drive, Skennars Head, NSW  2478


Every Sunday 10am-11am


Casual Weekly Sessions