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Flyball Club

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australian flyball association dogly school for dogs


Flyball consists of a relay race between two teams of four dogs. Each dog must jump over four hurdles, retrieve a ball by triggering a flyball box pedal and then return over the hurdles to the start/finish line.



Flyball is a canine team sport which is founded on the activities that dogs love to do – run, jump, fetch, retrieve, compete and most of all: their desire to please their owners.


There is no discrimination in Flyball. Any dog; regardless of breed, size, shape or formal training, can participate and join in on the fun. Flyball does not interfere with obedience training. In fact, the sport reinforces the disciplines taught in obedience classes.


Race meets are run in performance based divisions. The fastest teams are put in Division 1 and slower division follow sequentially.  This enables every team to have a fair go and be competitive in their division.


Unlike any other dog activity to date, flyball is pure fun for everyone: the dogs, the handlers and the spectators. Spectators are encouraged to applaud, laugh and cheer on their favourite team.


The flyball community is passionate, encouraging and diverse. The enthusiasm and sheer exhilaration on the dogs’ faces (and some of the handlers faces too!) creates a vibrant atmosphere.

If you are looking for a new and stimulating way to spend time with your pet – then why not give flyball a go!


What to Bring:

  • your dog

  • flat collar or harness and lead

  • tasty treats in a pouch or reusable ziplock bag

  • their favourite ball to fetch

  • (optional) their favourite toy or tug rope

  • Please wear suitable clothing with closed flat shoes


Holy Family Catholic Primary School

40 Isabella Drive, Skennars Head, NSW  2478

Every Sunday 9am

Weekly Sessions
(school holidays can change)

Owners must provide their dog's most recent up-to-date vaccination record.

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