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Fun Dog Show

Welcome to the Lennox Head Fun Dog Show 2023, the cutest event of all time! This year, we are coming back to take part in the Love Lennox Festival down in Lennox Park, opposite Quattro. There will be six categories for you to enter your pooch, each with a first, second and third place. The money raised during this event will be donated to our own local community Flyball Club called The Lennox Leapers. So get out your sewing machines, get out the treats to train some awesome tricks, and we can't wait to see you all soon ... Registrations are now open!



1. Most Pleasing Paw Shake

The judges will decide which dog gives them the most pleasing feeling while accepting a paw shake from your doggo.  You can first demonstrate how well your dog paw-shakes, and then let the judges decide.  Bring their favourite treats if you think they will shake better for something tasty in return.

2. Talent Time

This event involves asking your dog to perform a trick or unique talent.  Some ideas could be dancing, singing (howling to music), jumping through a hula hoop (brought from your home), spin, rollover, play dead ("Bang Bang"), bark/speak on cue, fetch, bow, shake, lay down, stay, come.  There is nothing too simple that won't be adored on the day.  

3. Waggiest Tail

Have your dog in any position; standing, sitting or laying down.  And do whatever it takes to get that tail wagging - offering treats or verbal praise.  You'll be paying attention to their front end, while the judges will be paying attention to their back end.

HINT: What are your dog's favourite words to hear?  

4. Doggie Dash

This is a two-person-per-dog game.  If you don't have a partner, we will find a volunteer from the crowd to help you out.  You will position your dog on the start-line and hand the lead over to your partner.  You then walk a short distance to the finish line, and on the count of 3, your partner drops the leash as you ask your dog to "come", and whoever's dog gets to them first and sits wins.  Two dogs get to race each other at one time so there will be heats and a final.  

5. Best Young Handler

Best Young Handler is for kids (12 years and under) who have a special relationship with their dog, and we would love to see what you can do together.  You can walk them around our small arena, or ask your dog for some obedience training such as 'sit' or 'shake' or 'lay down' or 'stay' or 'come'.  

6. Best Costume

This event does not need much explanation.  From designer wear, to superheroes, to matching-owner outfits, to fancy jewellery, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect showy outfit for your dog.  If your dog is new to dress-ups, search online 'how to get my dog to enjoy dress-ups' and use oodles of treats and praise while they are wearing their outfits.  


  •  $50 Bodi Byron Beauty Salon voucher

  • 6 x signed tennis balls by Pat Rafter 

  • $200 Rustie & Co voucher

  • 2 x $85 Lennox Vet Vouchers 

  • 10 x Lennox Vet hydrobath vouchers

  • 3 x $10 Lennox Vet Pablo & Co vouchers 

  • Oodles of gifts and goodies from 100% Pets including 18 doggy washes and 9 x discount cards 

  • 5 x Racecourse Road Vet vouchers $120 each

  • 1 x Racecourse Road Vet Dental clean $850

  • 18 boxes of Byron Bay Coffee Company Chocolates 

  • Skin & Clay spa pedicure

  • $50 Chido Cantina 

  • Kopi coffee & cake voucher for two

  • $30 Lennox Butcher 

  • So many treats and prizes from Petstock Ballina, SO much! Too many to list.

  • $150 Lennox Gelato (three $50 coffee cards)

  • $540 worth of Vet Love Vouchers 

  • Scratch & Sniff Treat Bags 

  • $100 Dr Moose TShirts 

  • $25 Shelter Voucher 

  • Happy Dog Voucher

  • $35 Book Room Collective Voucher



9am, Saturday 3rd June, 2023

Love Lennox Festival

Lennox Park (opposite Quattro Restaurant)

89 Ballina Street, Lennox Head

Terms & Conditions

  1. You may enter as many of the categories as you like, one dog per entry.

  2. If you have more than one dog in your family, you may enter those additional dogs, up to 3 per family.

  3. To register, you must be at least 18+ years old, or have consent from a parent or guardian who is at least 18+ years old.

  4. Registrations must be made one week prior to the commencement of the competition.

  5. Online entries close Saturday 27th May 2023.

  6. The cost of registration will be $5 per dog per category. Payment will be taken online prior to the event and on the morning of the show. 

  7. All monies collected will be donated to Lennox Head Flyball Community Club, The Lennox Leapers.

  8. There will be a total of 3 prizes awarded per competition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. No equal placings. Prizes are not redeemable for cash.

  9. Judges will be confirmed closer to the date of the show.

  10. The judge’s decision will be final. No discussions on the outcomes will be entered into.

  11. Rough treatment of the animals will not be tolerated and participants who partake in inappropriate treatment of their animals will be disqualified.

  12. At any stage, the event manager can request documents to prove the ownership and details about the dog entered into the event.  Refusal to comply with this rule results in disqualification from the category without a refund of the ticket purchase.

  13. Please keep your dog on a leash whilst in the Love Lennox festival area.

  14. You will automatically be signed up to Dogly to receive email updates on future services, which you may unsubscribe to at any time. 

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