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Open Class

English Bulldog ready for private dog training

Open classes are for dogs from beginner to intermediate skill levels. These fun classes allow you to continue your training journey as your dog learns to listen to you in a public space while playing games and maintaining healthy socialisation.

With rolling enrolment, you can come whenever it suits you for as many classes are you like.

  • agility, the Doggie Dash & other training games

  • positive training methods (no choker chains)

  • maintain healthy socialisation 

  • Heel work and recalls are a big focus

  • learn how to apply training skills to get the most out of your dog

  • Training skills, such as:

  • sit, down & stand

  • stay, come & recalls

  • mat exercises      

  • Heel work

  • Tricks


  • your dog

  • flat collar or harness and lead

  • tasty treats in a pouch or reusable ziplock bag

  • Training mat or towel

  • Please wear suitable clothing with closed flat shoes


Holy Family Primary School

40 Isabella Drive, Skennars Head

Saturday 8-9am

Please arrive 10 mins before class.

Owners must provide their dog's most recent up-to-date vaccination record.

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