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About Brooke

Brooke Ellis is a Lennox Head based companion animal trainer who has worked with

animals since 2010. Coming from the exhibition industry as a project manager,

she changed course and, for three years, studied Delta Institute coursework towards Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (ACM40310) from 2011-2013 . Building her business, Dogly, from scratch with three young children and one dog of her own, she exhibits much of her work through her own channel on YouTube, and social media. She strongly believes in science based training practices to get the desired result and is an avid supporter of the AWL, with whom she has done an immense amount of volunteer work with the Behaviour Modification Team. She is an advocate for animal welfare, mental and physical health and positive training methods.

At the beginning of 2019, Brooke relocated from Sydney's Northern Beaches to Lennox Head. Not long after arriving in town, she was given the call up to run the Dog Show for Love Lennox Festival 2019 with three weeks notice.  Not one to shy away from a community event, Brooke pulled everything together and got all the dogs out for an entertaining show.  Since then, she has continued to grow her business in the Northern Rivers with highlights including dog wrangling on a photo shoot with Seafolly Australia in Byron Bay, which featured Lennox Head local, Bear the Kelpie, and being a guest speaker for the Mullumbimby Bow Wow! Look At Me Now! Event in November last year, making it onto the local news. 


Lennox Dog Show 2019

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Seafolly Ad 2019, featuring Bear the Kelpie

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Bow Wow! Look at me Now! Show 2019

The year 2020 was meant to be just like the last.  On the 13th June we were meant to be revelling in the food and gaiety of the Love Lennox Festival and Brooke, once again, would have been hosting the Dog Show.  At the news of the festivals indefinite postponement, she decided that the show must go on and with some creative shuffling and reorganising behind the scenes, she re-opened registrations for an Online Dog Show that raised much needed funds for WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

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At the beginning of 2021 Brooke continued her dog wrangling skills carrying out a successful photo shoot for Zara Kids Clothing as well as working on set of a video advertisement for Byron Bay Council. 

Zara Photo Shoot.jpg

Zara Photo Shoot 2021

Byron Bay Council Ad 2021

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