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well behaved trained puppies running on lennox head beach
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"A professional and passionate service that delivers incredible results..." Bill Critchon


Dogly School for Dogs provides canine education and holistic obedience training

to puppies and dogs of all ages and of all shapes and sizes to Ballina, Lennox Head and Byron Bay areas.  We strongly believe in science based training practices and positive reinforcement methods to get the desired result.

"...really passionate about helping our four legged family members learn..."  Luke Saragozza



Discover why professional dog training with Brooke Ellis is a must by signing up for one of her many training services that will unlock your pup's full potential. Join the Dogly family for top-notch training that sets the foundation for a lifetime of good behaviour and a strong bond between you and your furry friend.  Learn the magic of effective communication and obedience through services such as puppy class, open class, dog sports, DIY online courses, online class or private tuition.

"...the dog whisperer, it's a great investment."  Katie Hutchinson


"Roxy loves her! And is a much better behaved puppy."  Rhody Burton

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